We have seen a lot of activity in the 2.0 space in the recent past, specifically in the social media arena. In addition to this, we have also seen a bunch of views, expressions and thoughts put down by leading industry experts and a majority of them have been around the social consulting landscape, acquisitions in this space, and experts moving into more focused social strategy & social consulting roles.

Once again, we see that the importance is given to a lot of factors, in addition to just the social software per se. Most of the above actions are pointing to one phenomenon which being termed as Social Business Design.

Here are some of the lines I have picked from various sources:

Social business design is the intentional creation of a dynamic business culture that empowers all of its constituents to better exchange value. The rise of the social web has taught us a lot about how we can significantly reduce the costs of collaboration and co-ordination inside businesses, and demonstrated the power of iterative, evolutionary processes driven by real-time data and user feedback.

Social Business Design is probably the first effort to completely unite both the strategic and implementation components of a new kind of business. It is a mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive way of considering how a corporation, business unit, or project can create and capture value from today’s emerging technologies and evolving operating environment.