Omni-channel commerce

With the advent of recent developments in digital technology and increasing customer demands, omni-channel development has become an integral part of every retailer’s strategy. This shift in retail business has enabled customers to buy from any channel and ship goods in the most convenient way. From a retailer’s perspective, omni-channel provides a single view of the customer across multiple channels. For this process to be successful, retailers need to ensure that they provide customers with a consolidated view of real-time inventory across all channels. Therefore, it is high time that they moved from the antiquated, multichannel approach of brick-and-mortar to the modern, digital approach of click-and-mortar.

Omni-channel development has its own set of challenges that every retailer needs to tackle. With a variety of channels options available to customers today, the inventory needs to be aligned with this growing demand. Customers expect to be provided with a clear picture of inventory across channels, and this has proved to be a major challenge. This is evident from the fact that only a few retailers are able to provide real-time store stock view from an online channel. Customers look for instant gratification and with a plethora of shopping channels available today, there is an expectation to significantly reduce the delivery lead time. Implementing same-day delivery or pick-up using store stock, and return or exchange of online purchase to physical stores involves not just technical development but also a significant change in the business process.

Omni-channel experience

Create and manage unified customer journeys across connected devices to build loyalty and improve cross-sell / upsell possibilities. We help you address challenges related to providing personalized experiences across channels and focus on a unified digital experience in the customer-acquisition phase of the customer journey.

Omni-channel commerce

Build, maintain, and optimize the electronic platform for sales of products and services, and ensure business and operations support. We enable you to become a best-in-class commerce player by engaging digital consumers through simplified, personalized, omni-channel experiences across all touch points with cloud-based offerings.

The extensible pre-configured omni-channel hub

Our expertise, garnered through several multi-channel commerce (MCC) implementations using the technology engine of multi-channel order management systems (MCOMS), translates into pre-configured reference implementations, propriety toolkits and other implementation accelerators – focusing on faster timelines, lower total cost of implementation, and healthier outcomes.

Ebenezer Omni-channel Personalization Engine

The Ebenezer Omni-channel Personalization Engine presents personalized content to each consumer regardless of the access channel, time, and location. In addition, it enables retail enterprises to get a unique view into consumer behavior and campaign effectiveness, and provides effective controls that fine-tune the output.