Enterprise Social Integration


Social media has revolutionized the way brands communicate—and how customers and employees connect. Today, people want personalized, enhanced service and response—and they’re not afraid to voice an opinion.

High performing companies see this as a huge opportunity to drive revenue growth. They customize every interaction they have with consumers regardless of channel, and this encompasses not only conversations between company and consumer, but the interactions that consumers have with one another. The benefits are two-fold: you’ll create customer relationships that your competitors don’t have and a strongly differentiated brand.


It’s harder than ever for brands to be heard above the white noise of chatter in the marketplace. We help companies achieve customer relevance at scale and superior business performance through the careful application of social business strategy and an integrated customer-centric demand-driven approach.

Ebenezer offers a range of social media solutions from strategy, through monitoring, sales, customer care and collaboration. Our specific services include:

  • Social Media Strategy – paid, owned and earned
  • ​Organizational Design
  • Community Development and Management
  • Process Integration & Execution
  • ​Listening & Integrated Advanced Analytics
  • ​Application Development
  • Internal Collaboration and Innovation Platform Development
  • Social Customer Care and Workflow