Data Migration

Our data migration solutions focus on moving you away from customized solutions towards standardized implementations in order to achieve:

  • Fast upgrades
  • Efficient migration
  • Significant savings in operational costs.

Our Services include:

Package upgrades: delivering SAP and Oracle migrations in a fast and efficient manner
System migration: combining data migration with an effective archival strategy to transfer only relevant data
Data quality in migration: ensuring the improved quality of the information in your system.
An industrial approach
We integrate innovative processes, tools and solutions to help you ensure that your data migration is carried out quickly and effectively.

To increase the value of your data, we use our industrialized data migration factory to help you combine data migration with an effective archival strategy. This process ensures that while new systems are commissioned, old systems are decommissioned more quickly.

Our Data Migration solutions employ the following phases:

  • Identify the different information sets to be migrated
  • Create a standardized intermediary to industrialize the migration
  • Ensure that total end-to-end mapping and technical transformations match your business information model
  • through the Data Migration Workbench
  • Test migrations with the appropriate people within your organization to ensure full transformation adherence
  • Decommission historical systems, as required.