Cloud Testing


Ebenezer Testing Service on ebenezer Cloud Platform delivers an elastic, on-demand suite of integrated and enhanced quality management tools, spanning test management, functional testing, performance testing, and test data management needs.


Testing tools and environments can be provisioned dynamically and repeatedly to deliver consistent testing practices.

  • Testing setup and support: environment provisioning and implementation time/effort is reduced from weeks to days.
  • Test execution: integrated tools, templates, accelerators, and methodology reduce test delivery cost by up to 45%.
  • Tool investments: flexible use of commercial tools under a pay-per-use model.

Key Features:

Ebenezer Testing Service on ebenezer Cloud Platform delivers field tested and consistent testing support:

  • On-demand test environments: scale up and down.
  • Self-service: Pay-per-use model for testing tools and assets.
  • Test processes and templates: including leading commercial tools integrated and enhanced with our extensive testing knowledge and experience.
  • Testing dashboard: Provides testers with virtual test workstations in the cloud for manual and automated functional testing, as well as performance testing.
  • Access: Provides test environments based on a service request for a specific configuration. Provides access to virtual servers to self-service the deployment of applications for test in the cloud.