Cloud Adoption Strategy

Cloud Adoption Service

Our Cloud Adoption Service provides a balanced and practical guide to making the right decisions about cloud technology, and to strengthen the alignment of IT architecture and services with actual business requirements.

Strategic cloud centric architecture planning

The decision to adopt cloud technologies has far-reaching consequences, so it’s critical that objectives are clearly defined and migration carefully planned.

Our Cloud Adoption Service is a tailored, consultative process that allows you to make informed strategic decisions for moving workloads to the cloud. We profilie your real environment, applications, data and users to assess the best fit for cloud migration.

The scope of any Cloud Adoption project can be as wide or as narrow as required – regardless of project size, we’ll work with you to ensure your objectives are achieved.

Our process is cloud vendor agnostic.

Our Cloud Adoption Service step-by step approach:

  • Clarification of primary benefits
  • Understanding other objectives
  • Applications and services audit
  • Overall Analysis
  • Capturing business objectives
  • Cost planning
  • Cloud readiness
  • Summary of requirements
  • Migration planning
  • Presentation

Our Cloud Adoption Service typically offers:

  • A clear assessment of cloud readiness for services and workloads targeted, with specific focus on the best candidates for migration.
  • An end-to-end strategy, high level design and clearly defined expected costs.
  • A clear picture of any risks, practical issues, restrictions or other significant factors.
  • A full list of services and workloads (project scope), that would benefit from a cloud migration with a clear process for achieving this.